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I used to watch Ben-Hur and imagine how horrible it would be to get leprosy.

(Anyone else?) 🤣🙈

In Luke 17 there’s a story about 10 lepers who met Jesus and he healed them. As they walked away, most likely marveling among themselves about the miracle that had just taken place in their bodies, one of the men turned and ran back to Jesus, “falling at his feet and giving him thanks.”

Jesus’ next question is what made me pause and ponder this story. Basically he asks, “Didn’t I heal 10 of you? Where’s everyone else? Why aren’t they thanking me too?”

But the others weren’t to be found.

Jesus then tells the one man who expressed his gratitude,

“Thy faith has made you whole.”

Whole. Not just healed. Whole!

Okay, so I’m picturing this story play out. 9 men, healed. The leprosy stops in its track. But their half-eaten noses or ears or withered hands and feet are still the same. Maimed and eaten away. BUT, the man who EXPRESSED GRATEFULNESS, was MADE WHOLE. In my mind, that means the ears grew back. The nose grew back. The arms were healed. The feet healed. The whole works. It just makes sense, right?

Being grateful is not only GOOD for us. It can be HEALING for us! It’s hard to be bitter when you’re grateful. It’s hard to be resentful when you have a grateful heart. It’s hard to be envious of others when you’re grateful for what God has done personally for you. It’s hard to be unkind or have unpleasant words when we have a heart filled to overflowing with thanks.

Today I’m reminding myself, I have SO MUCH to be truly grateful for. Also, I’m thankful for a great God who still does miraculous things each and every day for His children!

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