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The Flavor of Your Holidays

By, Kimberly Coombes

As the flavors of pumpkin spice give way to gingerbread, we know that the holidays must be in full bloom. Thanksgiving comes, and then the gateway opens to all things Christmas.

Oh, the smiles; oh, the flavors; everything meant to delight our senses is in full display. Lights, candles, decor, delectables – sweet and savory, everything is directing our attention to the flurry of holidays we are encountering.

So, what flavor is your home taking on at the moment? Chaos, celebration, quaintness, minimalism? Everyone’s home has its own unique flavor, but sadly, we often don’t know what we’re cooking up. Are we unaware of the fragrance we are sharing during this season?

Have we bought into the flavor of….

1. Busyness

But there’s so much to do, right? Of course there is! Regular life doesn’t stop just because the holidays have arrived; those extras just get piled on top. I believe few people could completely escape the hustle and bustle during this season, but is busyness your overwhelming flavor? Are you running from one event to the next, one store to the next, one experience to the next, or one obligation to the next? If the holidays are starting to feel like a never ending run on a hamster wheel, then it’s time to find a new holiday flavor.

2. Buying

Gift giving and memorable experiences are a valuable piece of the holiday season. Unfortunately, this can become the only piece of the season as we shop, shop, shop for that perfect gift or unforgettable experience. Do we feel obligated to purchase gifts for everyone we know? Are we attempting to create a “magical” day, with what appears to be a bottomless pile of gifts for our children? Or are we chasing down every great deal for ourselves in case others don’t meet all of our wish list demands? Have we chosen the flavor of purchasing power for our homes this year?

3. Production

The tree is gorgeous; the lights twinkle perfectly; the snowman adorns the perfect spot on the floor. Plus, Christmas wall hangings, candle displays, manger scenes, blankets, throws, and pillows, pillows, pillows are overflowing from every corner. Have the holidays become a time of over production? Do we feel that our homes must always be showcase worthy? Are we expecting Joanna Gains to show up on our doorstep for holiday tea, only to be disappointed that we didn’t use this year’s holiday color correctly? Maybe the flavor of “my house must always be TV ready” is just not for us.

Not all flavors are bad for your holidays. There are many great ones you could consider using.

1. Traditions

These are an amazing way to help your kids make memories. You need enough traditions to instill special memories, but not so many traditions that you fail. You don’t have to undertake every tradition that each friend, neighbor, and relative is tackling. Chase a few that you like and leave the rest behind. These just need be a few special activities and some seasonal food that only comes out during the holidays.

2. Service

While everyone else seems to be running around like crazy, chasing after everything they want, this time of year is a great time to serve others. What special project for a neighbor, ministry, or less fortunate individual could you be involved in during the holidays? Some of these events will only require a cash gift, while others will involve collecting needed supplies or serving on work improvement projects. I’m positive that there is someone out there right now who needs to taste this flavor coming from your home.

3. Christ-centeredness

Of course we should have this flavor in our homes right now, but do we? Do our homes only taste secular? If we are doing so much that we miss out on faithful church attendance and daily Bible time, perhaps we didn’t choose the right flavor. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years have so many ways in which we can focus the heartbeat of these celebrations around Christ, His goodness and glory.

As the days roll by, we can’t slow down the calendar; these holidays will come and go like they always do. While we are walking through them, lets take the time to consider these different holiday flavors and pitch the ones we don’t want, so that everyone can be blessed by what we have to offer.

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