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Encouragement for Your Identity

By Encouragement from Women

We are excited to share some great news! Encouragement from Women now has a second devotional book published and ready for purchase!

Do you sometimes question who you are, or wonder what is your purpose or value? Or perhaps you thought you had that all figured out, but circumstances changed through events such as divorce, miscarriage, death of a child or spouse, or loss of a close confident - and you are now left confused and unsure.

Then this devotion book is just the book for you! Encouragement for Your Identity is a compilation of devotions written by Christian women just like you. These women share their real-life experiences dealing with issues tied to identity, all the while bringing out sound Biblical principles that helped them see victory.

Reading this book, you will find that perhaps you are not alone in feeling the emotions and confusion surrounding your questions of value and worth, and give you just the encouragement you need to find fulfillment in having your identity in Christ.

Encouragement for Your Identity will be a great devotion to go through on your own or with a friend or group and is now available for purchase. Be sure to grab your copy (or three) today!

In case you didn't already know, Encouragement for Women: A Thirty Day Devotional For Women By Women is our first devotion book that came out earlier in 2021. This book covers topics such as Hope for Daily Living, Friendship, Forgiveness, and much more. It is a wonderful compilation that is, once again, written by Christian women just like you, sharing their stories and experiences. It is a great place to start when you need connection and encouragement. This can be purchased on Amazon as well.

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