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It's Time to Change our "But God..."

By, Jacklyn Gunner

Far too often we find ourselves looking toward the heavens and saying, “But God…” with a angry and frustrated tone.

“But God, why am I facing this trial?”

“But God, why did my loved one get sick?”

“But God, why did my child turn his back on you?”

“But God, why did you take my friend or family member?”

We ask our “But God” questions with such sadness and sometimes anger. We have an earnest cry to God, but often we are not really looking for an answer but more casting judgement on God’s plans. We think we know how it should be. We think our plan is better than His.

However, I see in Philippians 4: 4 the command to “Rejoice in the Lord always.”

That’s not just some of the time or when things are going the way that we think they should. No, it’s always looking at Jesus and rejoicing knowing His plan is the perfect and right plan. His thoughts and actions are far above anything we could every think or plan for ourselves (Isaiah 55:8-9).

As I think through different people in the Bible and the hardships they faced, I cannot help but see their “but God” moments. The moments when the “but God” could have been cried out in pain and anger but are instead cried out in awe and amazement toward the power of God.

Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den… But God gave him a peaceful night’s rest.

The three Hebrew children were thrown into a fiery furnace… But God brought them out without even the smell of smoke on their clothes.

Esther stood before a king that had the power to take her life… But God used her to save the lives of her people.

Moses could not speak well…. But God used him to lead His people to freedom.

Nehemiah had people plotting to kill him… But God used him to rebuild the wall in 52 days.

Jonah ran from God… But God used him to witness to a whole nation.

Paul persecuted Christians… But God got a hold of his heart and used him to plant many churches and lead many to God.

And lastly:

Jesus died on the cross… But God raised Him from the dead to show us He has the power over death itself.

You see, we serve a mighty God. And simply becoming Christians does not mean that our lives will always be easy. However, it does mean we serve a God that can take our “but God” moments and turn them into “But God” moments—where we just stand back and rejoice in the Lord.

So, no matter what you are facing, rejoice. No matter how hard it may be in your personal life right now, be thankful. Although no one else might know what is going on, do not hold back with God. Cast it all at the feet of Jesus and know He has the power to give you peace in the midst of a storm.

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