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No Better Place to Be

By, Molly Spence

In July of 2018, the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to journey across and around the country to spend a week in Phoenix, Arizona followed by another week in Washington, D.C.

It was all so much for me to take in. I was able to experience the world in a way I never had before. As interesting and insightful as it was, I was so ready to venture back home.

I remember those last days when the hours just seemed to creep on by. My heart was both homesick and eager to leave a place where I knew I never belonged.

There’s no better place to be than at home.

All I could think about while on that final plane ride was finally reuniting with my mother and embracing her in a long overdue hug. I had stayed in constant contact with her. I knew that despite the tiredness of my body and spirit, I had a place called home to look forward to.

The world has grown to be an unfamiliar place; what’s happening all around makes the time seem so drawn out and uncomfortable. As believers, we must turn our eyes upon Jesus. It is so hard not to grow weary and discouraged right now. We must keep our minds focused on the precious promise that He made to us: that He is preparing a place for us, and that He will soon come again to take us to be with Him forevermore.

Friend, I encourage you today to keep on keepin’ on for Jesus. We have the guaranteed presence of hope in the midst of unrelenting darkness. The glory our eyes shall behold in eternity will never be worthy of comparison to the sufferings of the present time.

There will never be a better place to be than at home with Jesus.

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