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The Act of Gratitude

By, Ruth Pelletier

Sometimes what we are called to go through is more than we can bear. Whether it is the loss of a family member, sickness, or financial problems. Life is full of ups and downs that bring us to the end of ourselves. These circumstances can fill us with anxiety, and steal our joy. On the other hand, they can be the very instruments that God uses to teach us to trust in His plan for us. But if we trust in our heads, why is our heart not calm ? How can we stay the raging storm of anxiety and worry ? How can we find peace while facing very real troubles? The key to unlocking a peace that passes understanding is found through a thankful heart.

The act of gratitude, despite circumstances, trains the heart to trust. It calls us to lay aside the temporal and focus on the truth of who Christ is. To see His sovereignty and faithfullness. It is a daily, moment by moment choice. A heart that willfully chooses to be thankful, depsite circumstances, and even feelings finds the truest form of peace.

A thankful heart becomes a trusting heart. One that sees every thing in their life comes from a loving heavenly father. The trusting heart becomes a surrendered heart. Knowing that despite the power of man, and frailty of life, God is always good and faithful. The surrendered heart finds deep soul sustaining peace. A peace that steadies our heart in the midst of life's storms. A calm assurance that Christ holds our being, and nothing, absolutely nothing, my friend, can pluck you from His hand.

When you cannot find peace, start with thankfullness. When turmoil abounds, turn your heart to gratitude.

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