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Things I Need To Hear Right Now

By, Sierra Fedorko

Keep reading the book of Jeremiah. You need to study who God is from His Old Testment words.

Right now, your stress is probably caused by your selfishness.

-Your baby is not an interruption. Stop your world and be in his. Better yet, build a new one together. -Write out Scripture. There's something powerful about writing true words.

-Keep surrendering your fear of sudden tragedy to God. Lean into your relationship with God. He is Your peace.

-Cultivate a heart that is ready to rejoice by praying for her dreams/desires to be realized. -Remember what God has done. Rejoice for what He will do. There's a lot of good things you don't know about yet. -Keep praying honestly and seeking God. You don't have to feel close to God to be close to Him. He knows you. He sees you. He understands your humanity. He understands feelings/emotions.

Rest and rejoice in Psalm 34:5.

-Share your motherhood with God. He wants to hear how it's going/how you're doing. He wants to be with you in this. You're not good at sharing your motherhood with Him yet, but you will be. Keep being clumsy at it.

What are some spiritually encouraging/challenging things you need to hear?

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