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True Gratitude

By, Katie Ciccarelli

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like

wrapping a present and never giving it.”

-William Arthur Ward

One time we had a HUGE need. (Huge to us!) We had a bill due for exactly $500…and we definitely didn’t have the money at all - and no way to get it in time. You can bet we prayed hard about it. {And yes, stressed out.}

I’ll never forget when we opened the mailbox one morning and found an envelope inside with a check for EXACTLY the amount we needed. One of my brothers was “just thinking of us” and sent it. He probably has no idea what an impact that made on me and our family, but it was huge.

I’m not even sure how he could afford to do that back then either…but he listened to God and, in turn, was the answer to our fervent prayers. I will never forget that.

When you receive a blessing and experience the joy that comes with it, it’s totally natural to want to extend that joy by giving to others. Right?

Gratitude and the act of giving go hand in hand. TRUE thankfulness goes beyond the FEELINGS of gratitude and becomes an act of compassion to others.

Because of the example my brother was to me during our “crisis”, I am much more empathetic to others - even years later. Why? The gratitude of my blessing compels me now towards compassion and action towards others.

In this season of thankfulness and counting our blessings - EXPRESS it. Send the cards. Say what you feel. Give back to the Lord and others.

Don’t hold onto the wrapped gift - GIVE IT AWAY! You just may be the answer to someone else’s prayers this season!

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